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Mike Patrick has more than 30 years experience with PADI, (PADI# MI57429)
As a Master Instructor. Mike Patrick is the highest ranked PADI Instructor in the Sudbury area. 


Jason Fox (PADI MSDT#391639)

Jason has over 12 years of diving experience in many specialties, worked closely at the shop for almost 6 years as a Divemaster before becoming an instructor. 

In the winter we train using local pools.  During the dive season (usually April-October) we teach at either Bellgrove Beach (Ramsey Lake) or at Moose Mountain Quarry.  

We are the only authorized dealer in the Sudbury, North Bay, and Timmins area for; , Scuba Pro, 

Things you should know before you sign up for any dive training

The Instructors credentials and training number? Have they been suspended or decertified.

What pool will you be using?

Who will be your instructor during your training, including your open water checkout dives?

How many years has that instructor been certified with that specific agency?

Will that instructor be in the water at all times during your training?

Not all instructors are qualified, or certified to teach. If you have the instructors number; PADI, NAUI, SSI, and ACUC, all provide verification for certified active instructors. Check before you sign up to verify that you be trained by a qualified professional


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